New Voices Album

This album was released as a year-end compilation of songs we wrote and produced in the Fusion Music Academy with our artists. See below for full liner notes and credit.

New Voices 2017 Credits and Liner Notes

Compilation Album Name: New Voices 2017
Grouping: Fusion Music Academy
Tracks: 10
Year: 2017
Comments/Notes: Fusion Music Academy. Lead Producer: Richard Steighner Producers: Alfredo Austin III, Christopher Diaz, Michael Honey. All Rights Reserved. 2017.

Can’t Hate On You
Track: 01
Artist: Alex Burke
Album Artist: Alex Burke
Composers: Alex Burke, Alfredo Austin III, Christopher Diaz
Genre: Pop
BPM: 118

Lost Inspiration
Track: 02
Artist: Hawi Ali
Album Artist: Hawi Ali
Composers: Hawi Ali, Richard Steighner
Genre: Hip Hop
BPM: 81

Gonna Be Mine
Track: 03
Artist: Blayke Percival
Album Artist: Blayke Percival
Composers: Blayke Percival, Alfredo Austin III
Genre: Pop
BPM: 106

Track: 04
Artist: Ruby Apps
Album Artist: Ruby Apps
Composers: Ruby Apps, Richard Steighner
Genre: Pop
BPM: 118

No Place Like Home
Track: 05
Artist: Mel Murfett
Album Artist: Mel Murfett
Composers: Mel Murfett, Richard Steighner
Genre: Rock
BPM: 82

Track: 06
Artist: Blayke Percival
Album Artist: Blayke Percival
Composers: Blayke Percival, Michael Honey, Richard Steighner
Genre: Pop
BPM: 86

Up To Something
Track: 07
Artist: Tatianna Agosta
Album Artist: Tatianna Agosta
Composers: Richard Steighner, Tatianna Agosta
Genre: Pop
BPM: 120

Caught Feelings (7 Times)
Track: 08
Artist: Siena Di Benedetto
Album Artist: Siena Di Benedetto
Composers: Richard Steighner, Siena Di Benedetto
Genre: Pop
BPM: 100

Track: 09
Artist: Jarryd West
Album Artist: Jarryd West
Composers: Jarryd West, Richard Steighner
Genre: Singer/Songwriter
BPM: 88

Can You Keep A Secret (feat. Jesse Everett and Alex Burke)
Track: 10
Artist: Richard Steighner
Album Artists: Jesse Everett, Alex Burke
Composer: Richard Steighner
Genre: Pop
BPM: 118