Kaleid - Contemporary Furniture

In 2009 I founded Kaleid, a contemporary furniture company with my two good friends and incredible designers: Nick Zepeda and Justin Ewing. We held design charrettes in my condo downtown and even built many of the pieces in the stairwells and hallways of the apartment building.

In the company Nick Zepeda was primarily responsible for creating unique designs that push the limits of materials and exude an upscale concept palatable to a younger demographic. Much of his design is on par with the likes of IDEO and his work is seen on display throughout Denver. Perhaps more notably is his craftsmanship and ability to bring to life our countless scribbles. Above all, Nick’s kindness and good heart are matched only by his wit.

I was fortunate to work with a second genius. Justin Ewing is a virtuoso and the kind of disciplined and clear visionary that you come across rarely. His role was to develop our brand with Nick to present a strong graphic front. From videography and photography, print to digital, Justin was an alchemist with the brand at an early stage and helped to formulate not only our designs but a focused business direction. I relished any chance to work with him, my good friend.

Kaleid saw sustained growth through its 3 years, developing products for Quiznos, Kevin Taylor, Teakoe, 5 Guys, and a number of local companies. The business was featured in Thrillist magazine, MetroBoom, a perennial sponsor of Fashion Denver, and displayed proudly at ICFF in NYC.

Credit: Trevor Brown, Paul Winner, Justin Ewing for the photographs.