Richard RobotTo start, who knows what to call this place? Is it China, is it Hong Kong, China, is it just a country called Hong Kong? Seriously, varies. Either way there is soooo much going on here! Literally, the tallest place in the world (more buildings over 14 stories than anywhere else). The mountains come rising from the sea. The streets go everywhere. There is smog and noise and smells and people and everything. I very much feel like we are at a focal point of the world here.

I’m out in Hong Kong with my boys in The Exchange, except we traveled out here under the name of a group from NBC’s The Sing-Off called The Yellowjackets. So, for this trip, we are Yellowjackets and Friends…mostly just friends!

Either way; we have met some of the most generous, enthusiastic, and genuinely kind people ever. They are part of the amazing team that does the Hong Kong A Cappella Festival, now in its third year. We have been given the opportunity to travel to local schools, teach them singing, and perform for them! AND on top of all that, we got to perform at the huge show at the Queen Elizabeth Stadium, outside at Tsim Sha Tsui for Al Fresco A cappella, and for a fancy dinner with some very important people in Hong Kong.

A little irreverence went a long way…!

The final cap on the whole thing was a 2 night show at The Live House that we put on with the help and direction of the crew in town. Somehow, in a city we’d never been to, we packed the house both nights and then brought it down!

Also somehow, Rey slept on the fan behind the stage :)…the electric fan, not some lost ticket holder…

Man, we ate well, we saw everything, they treated us so well, and we got to hang out with our good friends in Delilah and The Beelzebubs. Sad to go, but we shall return, I swear it.