Richard RobotThe largest music festival in the Southern Hemisphere is the Perth International Arts Festival. A gaggle of musicians, artists, dancers, and anybody with creative talent descend on this, the capital city of Oz. For a month, they perform, display, and entertain the appreciative and supportive fans from Down Under.

We were lucky enough to be asked to join them with the Plumbers of Rome. Not long ago, we won the National Harmony Sweeps. We are a comedy trio and thought surely this was the reason we were down there. On further investigation, we found out that the power-that-be heard our song “Hippie Man” and decided we were worth the ticket price!

So we are put up in a full house for the 3 of us. It looks out on a beautiful venue and the harbor here in Albany (ælbəni). We had a few days where Rob and Elke showed us around and invited us into their lives. I am amazed at how disarming music can be and how quickly the discussion and sharing of music can open doors and break ice. Perhaps that is simply a testament to the people here in the small, relaxed, and growing city.

The time here was gladly shared with the irreverent Suade, the worldly and percussive Coco’s Lunch, and the polished and talented Magnets.

At the end of our trip, we were invited to visit Limeburner’s Distillery where they prepared a selection of local foods and a whiskey tasting (which I was happy to oblige).

A couple of things about Albany before wrapping this up…

This is home to the World’s Worst Night Club

They name things very obtusely: The Gap, Natural Bridge, Dog Rock, Oyster Harbour, Waterfall Beach…

The best place to find a kangaroo is on the golf course